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What School Districts Must Do to Comply with the New Title IX Regulations

Posted on August 10, 2020

By: Lily Crespo Esq. Quick takeaway: Districts should work with their school attorney to determine what they must do this summer to ensure that they are in compliance including: 1) review and revise Title IX policies and procedures; 2) review and revise codes of conduct and handbooks; 3) conduct training for Title IX Personnel and… Read more »

The E-Learning Issue: Compliance with the ADA and Section 504

Posted on August 03, 2020

By: Lily Crespo Esq. August 3, 2020 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turned 30 last week. As schools in Montana tackle reopening guidelines, we decided to provide school leaders with a quick refresher on best practices when designing distance learning programs compliant with the ADA and Section 504. Online learning needs to be accessible… Read more »

Can Schools Discipline Students for Social Media Use Outside of School?

Posted on July 27, 2020

Though the issue of student social media use in school has been somewhat curtailed by clearer school policies and educators’ diligence, what remains a challenge is how educators address off-campus online student speech that would otherwise be prohibited on campus. Recent development – the Third Circuit says the ability of a school to punish lewd… Read more »


Your employee posts something unprofessional on social media…what can you do?

Posted on July 07, 2020

Spoiler: you cannot fire them on the spot. Across the country, school leaders often come to grips with a disturbing trend of teachers using social media in professionally unseemly ways. While inappropriate teacher- to-student social networking is a major concern for school leaders and policy makers, teachers have also been disciplined for controversial social media… Read more »

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